Friday, September 7, 2012

Is my husband on eHarmony?!?!

As much of a blast as this season of my life has been, and as many things that the Lord has healed and restored to me, I can't help but wonder why in the world my Godly, manly husband hasn't found me yet!!! I have seen a lot of hurt and brokenness in the relationships around me- even the close ones in my family- and because of these I have chosen to wait patiently on the Lord to bring that man into my life, knowing that the best things really are worth waiting and fighting for.
I also can't help but glance around and see so many people dating, marrying godly significant others, and raising up families to the glory of God and I so desire that for my own life. I also can't help noticing when I'm doing that glancing, that I just don't see anyone out there that I personally just couldn't live the rest of my life without! Not that there are no godly, manly men- oh there definitely are, especially at my church, it's just that I can't see myself with any of the ones I know (and love for that matter- I have some awesome brothers!!!) which makes me wonder if I need to place myself in a situation to meet some more godly, manly men elsewhere...
Once upon two years ago a friend encouraged me to join eHarmony... I was convinced that it would at least be fun, so I paid for a couple of months and talked to a few folks on there- it was fun, but again, I didn't meet anyone I couldn't live the rest of my life without. Considering the website again, I'm just wondering if it makes things too easy for the men- aren't they supposed to chase after us and all?! I guess there's still that who talks to whom first game, but good grief! Jesus take the wheel and send my husband!!!! This whole dating thing stresses me out! Praying through joining again and whether or not that is truly waiting on the Lord for my mate. Wisdom or input anyone???