Monday, March 26, 2012

"Religious Infections"

Last night, the Lord brought such a powerful message through one of our pastors... I'd heard about "religious infections" from him before, but maybe I wasn't in a place to be real with myself and confess the searing pain that I was sick with more than just one of the six on the list. I'm not talking about chicken pox, but infection far more painful and much less noticeable...

1. Humanism- "I need to get better"- the attitude that the sanctification process is my own to work out.
2. Moralism- "I need to be good"- the attitude that if I'm good enough, maybe I'll be obedient enough to make it.
3. Religious Zealot- "I'm more interested in religion than love", rules & guidelines become more important than people
4. Religious Hypocrite- "I'm good on the outside, and great at pretending I know the right answers, but my heart & motives are out of line"
5. Religious Folly- Zeal with no knowledge or wisdom
6. False Religion- We create God in our own image and forget we were made in His- when we have the attitude "Oh no, god would never do that..." Exactly. Because that god doesn't exist.

You need the Gos-pill. (and so do I every moment of every day) You can hear the full sermon here.

Praying that you are deeply wounded by these truths so that the healing balm of the gospel may be applied generously to your wounds & that you would be healed as you surrender to the truth that this life is not about you, but it's all about Him & bringing glory to His name.

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