Thursday, April 28, 2011

official username!

Hooray! Ok, so this has been a busy week wrapping up some scholarship applications for Richmont, so I have not managed to get a ton of jewelry finished this week, BUT I did reach 25 facebook fans on the page today, so it can officially be found at
Yeah baby! I like to see progress!
In other news this week, I helped launch my Nana's Facebook page for her sewing business up in Blue Ridge... she does some AMAZING work, so go check it out! She can be found under "The Master's Touch Sewing Shop" and while the Master she is referring to is Jesus, don't let her fool you, her experience in sewing for over 40 years has made her quite a master at her skill!

Big plans for the weekend include a ladie's night, working Saturday morning, planting my little garden out back, and Riverbend's spring Night of Worship on Sunday at 6...  I better get some rest!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Risen Savior

Wow! That's what I have to say about celebrating Christ's victorious rising from the grave over 2000 years ago today! What a day full of blessings, rejoicing, spending quality time with the Lord & family, and having refreshed life and encouragement breathed into me! If you don't know this Jesus I am referring to, please ask me about Him, I'd love to share :)

Other great news includes the fact that I sold some more jewelry this weekend & am listing the items as "Sold" in their headings on the blog.

Don't worry, my fingers have been working away on some new stuff since my little box I've been carrying around is looking sparse now! I love that every piece is different, and made with love.

As always, thanks for your continued support! Over & out-


Thursday, April 21, 2011

New Page!

Just started my Facebook Page ND Jewelry !  Super-excited to have another avenue to post my jewelry & spread the word! Please continue to follow faithfully!


This pair is a little heavier because these are tumbled stones, not beads, and they are SO beautiful- the picture does not do this pair justice!


Nautical Notions...

Inspired by my time at the beach earlier this week, I bring you some pieces that can be sold separately or together... Anchors away!

Pendant Only: $10.00

Earrings Only: $12.00

Sold as Set: $20.00

Despina II- SOLD

This pair is actually for sale...


Grape Lollies

So excited to present this new pair... LOVE THESE!

Saturday, April 16, 2011


Where do you get yours from? I will tell you, lately, I've had so many avenues of it that I can't keep up with all the ideas zipping around in my brain! My ultimate inspiration, though, is usually the beauty of God's creation- whether it's an obnoxious bird that just won't hush when I am trying to get that last five minutes of sleep before I have to roll out of bed, or the brilliance of a sunset and all the color it brings, if only for just a moment.

The circumstances of my life have been overwhelming this week and I am taking a little vacation for the next few days to relax, stop, and listen for the voice of the Lord amongst all the madness I've experienced- some of it brought on by my very own decisions, some of it, completely beyond any control I could think I had!

There's so much life to catch my followers up on, but where to begin is the great question! Maybe I will just take this down time to process what I should and should not share in such a public forum... thank you all for supporting me loyally & I can't wait to get back on here and share all about life, inspiration, and the adventure I took down to Atlanta to explore Richmont's campus last weekend!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Lead me to the Cross- SOLD

One of my favorite pieces I've ever made... Turquoise pendant with wiring in the shape of the cross... may it be a reminder to whomever purchases, that Christ made the ultimate sacrifice. Amen & amen!


Robin's Egg

Another pendant that is light-weight and can be used however YOU want!


Cross Necklace

no longer available

Glossy Turquoise Pendant

Light enough to be a bracelet charm, or a necklace pendant (no chain included)



This bracelet is also an adjustable, beaded bracelet, and would go quite nicely with the Rouge or Rose Spiral earrings, if you like to be matchy like that!

$10.00 (will sell bracelet with 1 pair of coordinating earrings for $20.00)


Made specially for my best friend, Sophie, I present to you (not for sale) Despina:

Adjustible Bracelets!

Alrighty, let the branching out of other pieces begin! Here are some adjustable beaded bracelets- $5.00 a piece, or $20 for the whole set of five pictured...

$5.00 a bracelet